Fuel For The Blue Collar, By The Blue Collar

What Are We?

Blue Collar Energy is a hydration and energy supplement. Each and every serving is pH balanced, No sugar and full of the fuel to get you through the work day. These easy to mix servings are perfect for a quick and easy energy and hydration boost to get you through.


Who Are We?

By blue collar for blue collar. Blue Collar Energy was started by a hardworking blue-collar guy looking for something to get me through those hot summer night shifts working at the power plant. I teamed up with a top-notch biochemist to optimize this idea and create this pH balanced, easy to mix supplement to help me power through those long hot shifts, it works for me, and it'll work for you too.


Who Are We For?

We created this for guys and gals just like myself. Those looking for a pH-balanced healthy energy and hydration boost with no sugar that can be easily mixed. Perfect for anyone doing strenuous work that needs a boost.