Does Your Energy Drink Have a Balanced Ph?

Why Is a Balanced Ph in Your Energy Drink Important.


Most people go through their daily lives not thinking about the things they are putting into their bodies, but the problem is, you really need to start caring.  The pH scale ranges from 1-14, 7 being the neutral level, 1-6 being acidic, and 8-14 being basic.Most bodily functions keep the body at an optimal neutral pH of 7.4. Many things that you consume have a very acidic pH which can disrupt your normal bodily functions.


Although the body stays at a neutral pH, the stomach stays at an acidic pH, but for good reason. As you know, your stomach and digestive system is the part of your body that breaks down food and it needs to be acidic in order to break down food. The body is amazing though, because the stomach is lined with cells that help regulate the stomach and digestive system to ensure that your body isn’t mostly acidic. Although your stomach is mostly acidic, water absorption begins in the stomach and moves from the small intestine to the large intestine to be absorbed by the body. When fluids move through the body, it’s very important that they have a neutral pH for optimal absorption and cell function.


Most drinks are very acidic, which may sound surprising to you. Water is a neutral drink that can range from a pH of 7-7.5 depending on where you live and where you get your water from. Depending on the ingredients inside, this is what typically makes these drinks very acidic. Drinks like sodas, apple and orange juice, and other energy drinks are very acidic. One other factor to realize is that carbonation actually makes drinks VERY acidic, who knew! The danger of acidity is that there are many instances where you can’t taste it, so these super acidic drinks that are loaded with sugar may taste delicious, but are actually interrupting your normal bodily functions.


The reason why acidity is so bad, is because if your bodily fluids contain too much acidity it can cause something called acidosis. This occurs when your kidneys and lungs can’t keep your body at a balanced pH and inherently keeps your body in a very acidic state. Although many bodily functions produce acid, if your lungs and kidneys can’t regulate to a neutral pH your body will become very acidic. One of the biggest reasons why an acidic pH can be so damaging is your blood. Your blood should be anywhere from 7.35-7.5 in the pH scale. Anything outside of these levels can lead to serious health issues. One of the larger problems is metabolic acidosis, which occurs when your kidneys can’t rid your body of excess acid. Some of the possible problems that can occur from metabolic acidosis are as follows:


- Kidney failure
- Obesity
- Dehydration
- Diabetes
- Obstruction of normal bodily functions


Blue Collar Energy noticed the importance of a balanced pH and went through rigorous formulating to create a product that has a neutral pH. Not only was this done to be better for your body, but it also helps for optimal absorption and function. By keeping our product at a neutral pH, this allows for electrolytes and minerals to be fully absorbed optimizing cell function and keep you hydrated and active.


After doing some testing in the lab on a calibrated pH meter, the average pH of other energy drinks averages at about a pH of 3, which is seriously acidic, and a whole 4 pH units away from neutral. After testing our optimized formula, Blue Collar Energy comes in at a pH of 7.4, which is very close to your body’s neutral pH.


We don’t know about you, but we want to consume products that have a similar pH to that of our body during natural bodily functions, if you’re anything like us, then you’ll want to too! Try out Blue Collar Energy, and get rid of those acidic and harmful energy drinks.

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