Our Story

I opened the door and a rush of steam greeted me good evening. I looked through the 24-inch cut out in the giant steel box. We got the signal that we were all-clear: power plants shut off, systems down, safety checks in place. Good to go. Time to climb in.

I placed my less-than-dainty 6-foot-3-inches 220 pound frame in front of the cut out. I lifted one leg in and then the other, waiting a moment to allow my body to adjust to the heat. 135 degrees never felt hotter than during these summer nights. I pushed my legs down and began to squeeze my torso through the opening, using every bit of sweat and grease to help get me through.

I got to the other side of the opening and was finally inside the box; inside the condenser. I waited for my coworker to make his way through the opening and then we got to it.

We shoveled silt and power washed the interiors and tubes of condensers whose purpose was cooling super heated steam. We did this for hours before we took our mid-shift break. Time to refuel.

Night shifts always went the same way for me. I started out strong, eager to work and get after it. Eager to climb in the condenser and get the job done. By the time I even got to mid-shift break, I was exhausted.

This Is where Blue Collar Energy started. I teamed up with a biochemist and started working on formulations for a energy and hydration supplement to help hard working blue collar men and women get through the work day. I know what it's like to face fatigue through the work day and we want to create the best possible supplement to overcome the issue.

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